Smoothie watch is a new dynamic Swiss Made watch brand. The watches and all accessories are designed and developed in Lausanne, close to the heart of the watch industry. Smoothie Watch presents a unique and innovating concept, merging tradition with a fresh and colourful design. Its uniqueness resides in the combination of a high quality casing and Swiss Made traditional movement with original and colourful materials. As an authentic Swiss watches company, our watches are not only available with Swiss Made quartz mechanism but also with high quality Swiss Made mechanical movements.

The Smoothie@ Watch colours are inspired by the freshness of the smoothie drinks. From yellow banana to pink dragonfruit, each watch has been named and coloured after delightful fruits or flavours. Even packaging and displays has been thought and developed in this spirit. The 14 Oz "Tumbler” gives a touch of freshness and is reusable. The hermetic container has been created to follow you all day long with your favourite Smoothie.

For 2014 the collection will include novelties such as automatic mechanical watches, quartz and automatic chronograph, alarm watch with big date, new colours and special editions models. After only few months Smoothie® watch brand is already distributed worldwide.

Take your Time, take your Smoothie!

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